During the strategic planning process, the campus community identified three pillars that will support the College of Charleston transformation over the next 10 years.

Representatives from various offices and departments across campus have been asked to participate on the steering committees that will help provide strategic direction to the campus community.

Each committee will focus on its respective pillar to identify project goals and objectives and ensure that these projects align with the College’s overall strategic plan and mission.

Steering Committees


Student Experience & Success


Alicia Caudill
Executive Vice President for Student Affairs

Steering Committee Members
  • Sofia Agrest
  • Graduate Student Association representative – Brooke Blosser, president
  • Celeste Granger
  • Zach Hartje
  • Karen Hauschild
  • Health Hoffman
  • Christy Kollath-Cattano
  • Kameelah Martin
  • Kristen McMullen
  • Jenny Fowler Peck
  • Matt Roberts
  • Megan Rowe
  • Amy Takayama-Perez
  • Student Government Association representative – Jeremy Turner, president
  • Sebastian van Delden
Support Team
  • Susan Hartman
  • Page Keller
  • Christine Workman


Academic Distinction


Suzanne Austin
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Steering Committee Members
  • Jim Allison
  • Tamara Butler
  • Wes Dudgeon
  • Lynne Ford
  • Mary Beth Heston
  • Narayan Kuthirummal
  • Tim Johnson
  • Simon Lewis
  • Ron Magnuson
  • Carrie Messal
  • Silvia Rodriguez Sabater
  • Anaya Waugh
  • Alyssa Lundy
Support Team
  • Deanna Caveny
  • Mark Del Mastro
  • Annie Odom


Employee Experience & Success


John Loonan
Executive Vice President for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer

Steering Committee Members
  • Kimberly Gertner
  • Scott Harris
  • Courtney Howard
  • Carin Jorgensen
  • Elizabeth Kassebaum
  • Amanda Kerr
  • Todd McNerney
  • Charissa Owens
  • Ashleigh Parr
  • Ed Pope
  • Alan Shao
  • Adrianne Watkins
  • Philip Paradise
Support Team
  • Everett McInnis
  • Tanya Williams